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    I knew it ..ppl was not going to take that song litetly and they<a href=""> slouhdnt</a>. Russian Roulette I dont know how many times I have to tell these youngns is not something that ANYBODY especially a young singer should be givin glorification to. Ppl do not realize the seriousness in that song itself. Russian Roulette is a game that is related to sucidial death, rather or not if thats what Rihanna is singing about that is clearly what it is ORIGINALLY. Her fans are young ladies and ppl period and should not be bobbin there heads to a song that is representin a game that is about suicide.Rihanna has been lookin so sad and pale lately, dressin in all black rockin very revealing clothing, dark makeup various hairstyles etc the music industry is killin that poor child slowly and its like she has no one TRUE to turn too, and its sad. The way they are marketin her dressin like a 32yr.old hooker is not cool at all. She is only 21yr.s old there is

    Skrivet av Ketmani, 2015-12-02

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    Oh I would have to say the onion rings are the best. My son would say the chicken stirps and gravy. Wait.. Stacy #88 said something about cheesecake bites???? I haven't seen them! Guess we will be taking a trip real soon!

    Skrivet av Michel, 2015-12-01

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