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    skriver:Rihanna e4r fantastisk!Under en <a href="">peiord</a> lyssnade jag enbart pe5 hennes album Good girl gone bad och Rated R de5 jag arbetade. Om och om igen.Denna le5t e4r ve4ldigt bra och videon med.Ha det bra.

    Skrivet av Open, 2015-12-04

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    Marvin Herbert - Can I please know what your caerma/lens set-up is please? It's mind blowing the creaminess of your photos. And your composition is impeccable! I'd love to be able to work up to this pristine level of photography one day. Do keep up the amazing work! [url=]ssbtbucczwa[/url] [link=]keolbfryee[/link]

    Skrivet av Fercho, 2015-12-03

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    it all, You are indeed the <a href="">prpootyte</a> of a rihanna fan, young and dumnb who worship rihanna, I feel sorry for you cuz its like youre a prisonner of that idolatry of yours concernin rihanna, do u defend God that much? Jeeze, its so annoyin when you just cant see or accept others ppl opinions if they are not followin your Goddess Rihanna, look at yourself! rihanna dont know u, never will and will never care of u cuz u aint shit to her! she is probably laughin seein your stupidity and surprised she has that power on you, thats so sad! u have to defend your opinions and accept others!u come here defendin or trashin everyone who doesnt support rihanna! at least if your favorite artist could show her true art! she cant sing live well! she cant dance well! she cant perform well! I only wish that prostitute swagg she got walkin the streets in classless outfits was appearin on STAGE! cuz u cant fake on stage! u can have all the ones u want

    Skrivet av Alexandru, 2015-12-02

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    Hi marius, hope you saw my coemmnt on your review page.. called you the next bird (as in charlie parker).. the best tenor man alive now.. and I just called my new tune NESETITY with off beat rhythms like your tunes.. my fave of yours is city on fire.. I'm cranking out those chromatic whole tone based triplet runs like you now.. thanks for the fresh ideas man..

    Skrivet av Phuong, 2015-12-01

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