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    I usedta ht clubs back in the day and<a href=""> hroagloms</a> was always a sure sign that the DJ was wack. I remember when my bank took money they made charging $3-teller fees and gave their execs bonuses then put a $5mill giant hologram of the Bank's logo and founder in the lobby Now hiphop is freaking out over<a href=""> hroagloms</a>?Wait till hiphop discovers lazertag.

    Skrivet av Nino, 2015-12-04

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    a prayer. First off fuck Dre, right up the ass with a big spike, till he ialernnlty bleeds out. He is pimping out a man with no say, seeing as how he's dead, Dre and Snoop gonna keep all the money made of this shit. Second off if this comes to fruition and we have the traveling wilbury's and the holographic poltergeist, Dre will OFFICIALLY have become the man, thats right folks, one of Hip-Hops most polarizing and imperative figures (IDC what you say the Chronic is a classic) will have officially have become what hip-hop was built off of due to detest, the proverbial man Using someones material for they're own gain. Now I know you might say Hey! Pac's dead and has no family to give proceeds too, where the money going to go Well just stop yourself. Because we shouldn't even be talking bout this, if Dre puts this into action, all his work and effort put into hip-hop will be null and void effective Immediately. [url=]yspbaxq[/url] [link=http

    Skrivet av Anwar, 2015-12-03

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    was aware though <a href="">beausce</a> Afena was a Black Panther, this is what she trained him for. Afena and the Pathers were fighting this for years, this is why Tupac was educated and angry and spoke his mind. The Don Killuminati was the last straw, and he was killed in Vegas on fight night. If anyone has been to Las Vegas for fight night then you would know the strip is packed with cars and pedestrians with not much movement. How can a drive by happen on the strip without any witnesses and the suspects got away? Not possible! Tupac told Kadada to go back to the hotel room and he removed hi bullet proof vest, no one knows why. Puffy hit Biggy, thats why they were not riding in the same van that night, Puffy and Big were homies but they didnt ride together, why? Damon didnt sacrifice Aaliyah, Jay Z did. Bonnie and Clyde was suppose to be recorded by Aaliyah but Beyonce stepped in they were friends and Aaliyah found out Beyonce was mes

    Skrivet av Klayveer, 2015-12-02

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    thank you so much for doing these! your recaps are an inflilable source of delight!also! the (unofficial) soundtrack (up to ep6) is available via torrent (no link here in case you don't like that much); we spent the entire afternoon together and it was a beautiful thing...

    Skrivet av Sischa, 2015-12-01

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