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    I am laughing with glee right now. Because the bdleind fools that tried to justify jay z lyrics rihannas disturbia video and occult/illumanati forte.. It just goes to show. That tiffany is trying to shine some light on the situation. The industry has a lot of secrets behind closed doors. People conjure the idea, it's bogus and medevil talk. They do represent satan to the fullest. As much as you want to think it crazy LOL! where are those people??? where you at? that were calling Judah, and the others that were always shining light on the subject! [url=]lvwotik[/url] [link=]lxahwaj[/link]

    Skrivet av Sebo, 2015-12-03

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    seriously but I do agree to some extent. I <a href="">woduln</a>'t say the whole industry is run by the devil but that secretly people are being controlled to put out evil things. A lot of times bad things happen and that leads to individuals finding a more positive lifestyle. If you guys also listen to Rock music, well mainly metal, than you should know that bands like Metallica and Slayer (Slayer still does today) early in their careers basically wrote lyrics based on evil stuff and sometimes included the word satan. People can have their conspiracy theories about Rihanna's songs but yeah this song is obviously to attract attention not to bring followers of satan and have people to believe they should commit suicide. If she was saying that she actually worships the devil then yeah I would be shocked and appalled but for now until famous people start saying worship satan I will recommend that people stop being so naive and believing most of

    Skrivet av Marilyn, 2015-12-02

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    Girl!!' I'm done with them!!! We all blvieee what we blvieee but it shouldn't stop you from wanting toLive. Dude tweeted that LeBron threw up the illuminati sign when he win the MVP. What??? Sit down!! Lol

    Skrivet av Yanto, 2015-12-01

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