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    no matter how hard you try you cant chagne the truth it is what it is, wether you choose to believe it or not..for people to say something cant be true without eevn researching the facts is preposterous most of us have no idea what these people do to get to where they are because lets face it we all know of artist that seemed to be destined for great things in the industry, but just simply faded out the more power, the more evil, because more money comes into the picture and lets face it money is the root of all evil PERIOD. [url=]ljihodakbnb[/url] [link=]ihirheqmhuf[/link]

    Skrivet av Indri, 2015-12-03

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    Skrivet av Steven, 2015-12-02

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    The devil made me do it' I have never made one of them do anything. They live their own lives. I do not live their lives for them. Check this out imiange we lived in a country where we were forced to praise a God we didnt believe in But try your luck in denoucing that God and see where you end up. We live in a state where are free mind wonders to far astray, Its deeper than your blog these jokers change beliefs like underwear and some of these jokers are wearing holy drawers if you get my drift. Im tired of alot of things but nothing makes my ass itch more than a turn coat I held a discussion with a newly convereted muslim and I was told that The Muslim religion is the only religion that makes scienctific sense O_o ? I asked them why am i mislead if i choose to live by faith, Why am I wrong for believing in a God that only demands that I believe in his salvation, But nooo we are so free .. I ask the question to all how can you denounce one religion before jumping ship without livin

    Skrivet av Nicky, 2015-12-01

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