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    Okt29Traaaaaagiskt c4rligt talat le4gg ner den he4r rf6stningen pe5 6D, kompisrf6standet gf6r ju att alla fre5n Hyppeln fe5r med sina sperale och kontentan av det blir ju att 6D kommer utses till den se4msta 6:an om dom spelar. Dom har ju gjort en medioker se4song minst sagt man kan ju ne4stan tro att dom vann serien. Se till att fe5 med sperale fre5n topp 3 lagen ist annars kommer inte ens dom sperale som blivit nominerade att ste4lla upp ne4r inte de be4sta spelarna fe5r representera sin serie. Ta lf6rdom av hur 6 A och C gjorde ist, de4r va det ju betydligt annorlunda och i 6 A fick man inte ens rf6sta pe5 he4r just ff6r att det INTE skulle bli se5 he4r. Grattis Hyppeln till en extremt bra se4song i e5r *IRONISK* [url=]aycquyfsawv[/url] [link=]scepsqyav[/link]

    Skrivet av Karie, 2015-12-03

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    PeopleWe are already in the new world order, 911 was the mark of the new era of Aquarius water <a href="">berear</a>. 911 was a global symbol to all who believe in the NWO that the plan is in effect. Why do you think the economy crashed and they cant find our money but yet we gave more money to the people who took our money? They are trying to create two classes rich and poor its not even about black or white anymore. If we want to get deep I will go as far as to say they are poisoning us with Swine Flu Vac's, its killing more minority kids than anyone else. Red Cross has been going into countries infecting people, its all population control. Do you know they have set up Fema camps all over the united states because they are waiting for something big to happen, when martial law takes place it will be chaos. Remember T. Airmen? They were told they were being treated with a vac but experiments were being ran and they were given diseases

    Skrivet av Hugo, 2015-12-02

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    Well, Tom and Katie splitting up is not a nainotal emergency. You might not get any of this, because it's an old reference and a numerological observation, but Tom Cruise has a sort of Logan's Run age of 33 when it comes to marriage. All three of his wives divorced him when they turned 33.

    Skrivet av Egy, 2015-12-01

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    Skitdålig hemsida!

    Skrivet av GeorgMatscheko, 2010-04-17

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