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    she is right! One thing I won't forget is lady gaga sainyg on the VMA's that her award is for gays and god. Those two shouldn't even be in the same sentence. Look at her outfits ..they say enough. She is def develish and I will not support her. I can't believe how many people are following lady gaga and support her. Not I. That is satan [url=]cqzfwbfw[/url] [link=]zmbdmpze[/link]

    Skrivet av Nelma, 2015-12-03

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    I've heard the new Rihanna song and it does sound like it's about suicide, but I'm not sure. A lot of<a href=""> tghnis</a> we hear are not really what they seem. The song is creepy and wack, but I hope it's not about suicide. Furthermore, I don't believe there's Illuminati. Where did that even come from? As far as I'm concerned, I've never seen it in the Bible. I know there are demons in the earth, but I don't think people are just blatantly worshipping the devil. I think Tiffany needs to research what she's talking about before she speaks on it. I don't believe anything without a reliable source.

    Skrivet av Frankie, 2015-12-02

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    Skrivet av Jacob, 2015-12-01

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