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    How can people call this a pituiclby stunt? IT S TWITTER WE RE TALKING ABOUT! What, you think she predicted that CERTAIN people would take notice of her posts? You think she notified bloggers and celebs to close attention because she was about to tweet a message w/ the worst grammar they had ever seen? You think she forwarded her tweets to Anderson Cooper or something?The girl's opinion is just as valid as that of anyone else. PS For those who keep saying WHO CARES? , obviously you. [url=]oxkklxclsy[/url] [link=]juhplbb[/link]

    Skrivet av Grahito, 2015-12-03

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    You have to give a blood sacrafice and then be<a href=""> rberon</a> (rihanna new song gun shot)sacrafice-Damon Dash=Aaliyah Kanye=mamma look it up and you will get the whole story the list goes on pimp-c .people will say well why is damon d broke.He went against the rules and everything was taken pimp c began to put them on blast in one of his last interviews and the next thing you know he is found doa tupac began to speak out doa the thing is loyalty or death that what the signs mean when they throw up those signs in videos, pictures, interviews it mean you are lying and deceiving people and staying true to the bopohmet for exa the sign rihanna is throwing up in the black glove it means you are lying and deceiving people it's a lot of people involved.It's people who got the game on lock and if you want to make money you play by their rules go look it up it frieghtning but it better to know I know I was freaked out but I choose God

    Skrivet av Maria, 2015-12-02

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    It's totally a shout-out to Charlaine, who lives in Arkansas. :)Which is srniisupg, especially when you see what she does with the vamps of AR. But this is a thread in several of her books. The biggest trouble Harper Connolly got into is a hick town in AR, where she is almost stoned (and not the good kind either).

    Skrivet av Jhonaiker, 2015-12-01

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