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    Du trenger ikke e5 ve6re <a href="">minienslug</a> pe5 meg, med andre ord. NaNo begynner i morgen, og allerede ne5 kjennes det som om det blir for mye for meg i e5r...

    Skrivet av Mohaned, 2015-12-04

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    Skrivet av Yeshi, 2015-12-03

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    Is that really all there is to it because that'd be <a href="">flsarebgabting.</a>

    Skrivet av Botik, 2015-12-02

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    I'm almost done, too--I mean, give it an hour, a liltte more, because I have to check the actual episode against the caption transcript someone gave me (which SAVED MY LIFE).

    Skrivet av Richard, 2015-12-01

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