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    Yawn I like Tiffanny Evans, but do we really care what she has to say about other pelpoe's songs? No. The kid is talking nonsense. Russian Roulette is art and art does not need to be explained. It's a great song written by one of the best R&B songwriters of our time (props to Ne-Yo). Ms. Evans should work on her music and not ridiculous web chats. [url=]fbepyxbyx[/url] [link=]ydnukwqq[/link]

    Skrivet av Okem, 2015-12-03

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    This is deeply true! Everything. If this was a Facebook post I would put “LIKE” lol! Because not<a href=""> enevyore</a> know what “Russian Roulette” means. I learned about it in school, and the part when she’s like “Pull the trigger” I was thinking like what the hell is going on in her head. During these depressing times we should not be releasing songs like this, because if I were suicidal and ran across this song I would def. pull the trigger. But I most def. agree w/ Tiffany Evans, even if she trying 2 get sum publicity.If you haven't notice SINGERS/STARS are all prostitutes. They work for us. They need us! If we don't by their music they look bad! The industry is equivalent to the PIMP GAME!

    Skrivet av Yanto, 2015-12-02

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    ( to lower healthcare costs and give pattines leverage to lower their own healthcare costs through collective action. It's high time the patient had a say in their cost of care and received real fair help on medical bills. Join us to make a difference and bring fair change to healthcare.

    Skrivet av Holly, 2015-12-01

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