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    666 Murder Murder Jesus. He doesn't usually write his music so this has to be well<a href=""> tgouhht</a> out right? And why does he call himself J Hova, is he saying he is equivalent to Jehova b/c we all know there is only one God. And what does that ROC sign that everyone throughs up mean? Could it be a satanic symbol? Who was Amil talking about in Quarrels Lyric? Where is she now? Why all black everything and a hoody with Do What Thou Wilt on in the Run this town video? Why is Rihanna always throwing up the satan horns? Why did ODB, Micheal Jackson, and Pimp C die after they exposed the industry on tv and radio? Pimp C been drinking cough syrup for the longest and ODB told you they were after his ass! None of you know because you are all brainwashed at this point. Open your eyes and your minds people.

    Skrivet av Marek, 2015-12-02

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    Skrivet av Asmaa, 2015-12-01

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