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    that for all some people know Russian Roulette could be a salad<a href=""> dsnesirg</a>. 1)I'm not gonna go into a thesis over it. If some people believe it's that serious, what are you going to do about it?2) I'd like to think my parents raised me pretty well enough and I'm strong minded enough not to be that influenced by a song. Especially a pop song. E.g When I hear Beyonce's sweet dreams, my mind's thinking of jamming out to the my guilty pleasure I ain't going nowhere part Raven Symone style, rather than an associaton with the devil.3) So if the industry is like this ( which she is a part of) how do you select which artists (mainstream or not) to listen to if any. Nope, you're gonna carry on as normal right.

    Skrivet av Solmar om Bluebox Presenter, 2015-12-02

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    Vad roligt med alla dessa nya <a href="">buktier</a> som f6pnnar hela tiden! De de4r se5le5dorna le5ter ju enkelt o bra om man inta har se5 mkt till grf6na fingrar! :p Ha det fint!

    Skrivet av Sunjoo om 2shop Happy People Stockholm, 2015-12-02

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    Oh so you are just all knowing when it comes to the “Illuminati” right? What you <a href="">gulilble</a> uneducated fools running around with your Wikipedia gathered knowledge don’t seem to get is that this is just another conspiracy theory for the books. If you are so weak minded that you will take someone who has NO credibility on the subject feed you this nonsense, so be it. It’s so hilarious to see these people tell you to listen to this song backwards and see who got who killed. What you’re saying is absolutely sick and you should be ashamed for accusing someone of murder. Grow up, and use your mind (especially those who can’t seem to string a proper sentence together). You think all of these people worship the devil? Fine, but save us the crazy rant, it’s embarrassing (for you).

    Skrivet av Sri om Generalmäklarna, 2015-12-02

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    she's not trying to steal<a href=""> nodoby</a>'s shine. the girl is speaking her mind and I can somewhat agree with her .listen carefully to what you are listening to, you'll be surprise at some of these lyrics. usually you do not realize what they are saying because the music will block your train of thought and then you'll want to learn the lyrics after so that you can sing along with the music. everytime I ask my friends why do you like this song? the first thing that comes out their mouth is I love the beat, the music to the song and nine times out of ten it's about degrading women {certain rap songs, not all, but I'm using this as a scenario}. I could understand where she's coming from if I was in the industry, but I'm not.

    Skrivet av Shunji om Dell, 2015-12-02

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    that too but they dont get a page. Burt hell people<a href=""> kileld</a> themselves when MJ died so yeah I agree Idol worship will bring these monkeys out to follow the song and off themselves. AND monkeys in the sense of monkey see monkey do, not a black reference, you know I do not play that. My point is Neyo and Riri need a couch and to stay away from the drawers. We have all been exposed to dark songs about murder and suicide so its not like she is the first, I just pray people spend more time telling their children that nothing is worth taking your life then protesting this song. If its not Rihanna it will be something else, its about teaching children/young adults to believe and live by the words that you are worthy .

    Skrivet av Mcjhun om BSR, 2015-12-02

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    This is what happens when <a href="">pelope</a> who dont have a career tweet and are taking shyt to seriously. So what <a href="">pelope</a> klll themselves over losing a job, what we gonna go blame the employer. Please kill themselves because the death of a loved one, we going to go blame them too? Tiffany i never heard of yo ass before evans stfdown .stop taking shty to literally. And so what if <a href="">pelope</a> go kill themselves over this song. Those who are weak minded and dont find the good in their lives dont deserves to live if they believe everything they hear. And I been down the road of suicide before. Not one time was my influence to die related to a song or media. it was me ME WHO HAD TO FIND SELF WORTH!!! And stop with all this fuckin devil worshippin shyt. People will do ANYTHING to stay irrelevant .Get a life.

    Skrivet av Abdou om Rollodin, 2015-12-02

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    Hmmm who's Tiffany Evans again a one hit wonder<a href=""> sitomemes</a> I really think about some of these artist who come out and start saying ish I figure since she doesn't have any material she's going to make a name for herself this is comedy I didn't believe some of my co-workers when they brought this up I had to see it for myself . She needs to stop Tiffany is actually making more sales for Rihanna watch out Tiffany the music industry don't play so watch what you say , I wouldn't be suprise if someone one calls her out and her music sucked big time i remember how the radio station were dogging her music wouldn't even play it on the air I wonder why and what is that sh!t on her hair and those eye lashes not to be funny but home girl reminds me of broke down hooker my gosh lol

    Skrivet av Okay om Coolstuff, 2015-12-02

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    666 Murder Murder Jesus. He doesn't usually write his music so this has to be well<a href=""> tgouhht</a> out right? And why does he call himself J Hova, is he saying he is equivalent to Jehova b/c we all know there is only one God. And what does that ROC sign that everyone throughs up mean? Could it be a satanic symbol? Who was Amil talking about in Quarrels Lyric? Where is she now? Why all black everything and a hoody with Do What Thou Wilt on in the Run this town video? Why is Rihanna always throwing up the satan horns? Why did ODB, Micheal Jackson, and Pimp C die after they exposed the industry on tv and radio? Pimp C been drinking cough syrup for the longest and ODB told you they were after his ass! None of you know because you are all brainwashed at this point. Open your eyes and your minds people.

    Skrivet av Marek om, 2015-12-02

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    That Amil song is the truth about Jay Z.Watch the Umbrella video it has so many hidden <a href="">messgaes</a>. That song it not about a man and woman. It is about satan sweet talking Rihanna telling her that if she sells him her soul she will never be broke and she wll always be on top of the world even when it ends. Disturbia is the aftermath of how she is feeling after the she did this, hence the title.Listen to Run this town and there is hidden <a href="">messgaes</a> as well.People do not be dumb and brainwashed. Listen to words and watch actions, not just beats and melodies. This is true they are leading us to hell by supporting them. They are corrupting our youth, and some ignorant older people, and trying to take over our minds with this music. Remember this is temporary and that is eternal you can not exscape it. Where do you want to be in the end?

    Skrivet av Riny om Zoovillage, 2015-12-02

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    Thank god someone<a href=""> flialny</a> is coming out with what is really going on. Do you know how many times people that know what's going on get called a bible thumper, a consiracy nut, and all sorts of other names? THE MUSIC INDUSTRY IS DEMONIC. There goal is to get you the consumer to accept the new world order agenda's, ideals and theologies into your psyche so that it is the norm for you. Spirtually, it is all a set up for the anti-chirst to take over. It's all in the good book, and the Lord attempted to give people signs to know he was near. I don't know how much more clearer he can get. HE IS COMING BACK. PLEASE GIVE YOUR LIFE TO HIM BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE! If you want to know more about the industry go to Great video footage there of what Tiffany is talking about. This stuff is not a joke people! Don't take it as such

    Skrivet av Pen om Seat24, 2015-12-02

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    multiple times on the comment <a href="">seoctins</a> of blogs such as Bos.sip, Necole B, Sandra R and ofcourse Concreteloop. Youtube is full of it. And then there are other sites who are based on Illuminati theories. She isn't telling us anything new. Ofcourse the industry is run by the devil, just look at everything it's based on. Read any Holy book (Bible, Qoran, Torah) and you will see a warning against what is happening right now. And for her to say let me be quit before I get in trouble is her trying to amplify the little knowledge she knows. BS. She only knows what we have known for years. Little girls get a little info and try to save the world. People, keep God in your mind, get out of bed in His name and go to sleep in His name and don't let music and movies have a huge influence on your mind and thought process and you will be GOOD! No need to be paranoia.

    Skrivet av Bruno om, 2015-12-02

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    Mar31Rade Nu le4gger ni press pe5 mig!!! Faktum e4r att Rade brukar ha<a href=""> polerbm</a> med att leverera pe5 tre4ning. Se5 har det varit i e5r och se5 var det e4ven ff6rra e5ret Rade behf6ver match ff6r att tagga till. Se5 har det inte varit hittills i e5r men se5 var det ff6rra e5ret. Se5 ne4r serien drar ige5ng; se upp ff6r Rade !!!

    Skrivet av Mohameed om Bonniers bokklubb, 2015-12-02

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    You have to give a blood sacrafice and then be<a href=""> rberon</a> (rihanna new song gun shot)sacrafice-Damon Dash=Aaliyah Kanye=mamma look it up and you will get the whole story the list goes on pimp-c .people will say well why is damon d broke.He went against the rules and everything was taken pimp c began to put them on blast in one of his last interviews and the next thing you know he is found doa tupac began to speak out doa the thing is loyalty or death that what the signs mean when they throw up those signs in videos, pictures, interviews it mean you are lying and deceiving people and staying true to the bopohmet for exa the sign rihanna is throwing up in the black glove it means you are lying and deceiving people it's a lot of people involved.It's people who got the game on lock and if you want to make money you play by their rules go look it up it frieghtning but it better to know I know I was freaked out but I choose God

    Skrivet av Maria om Konstverket, 2015-12-02

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    was aware though <a href="">beausce</a> Afena was a Black Panther, this is what she trained him for. Afena and the Pathers were fighting this for years, this is why Tupac was educated and angry and spoke his mind. The Don Killuminati was the last straw, and he was killed in Vegas on fight night. If anyone has been to Las Vegas for fight night then you would know the strip is packed with cars and pedestrians with not much movement. How can a drive by happen on the strip without any witnesses and the suspects got away? Not possible! Tupac told Kadada to go back to the hotel room and he removed hi bullet proof vest, no one knows why. Puffy hit Biggy, thats why they were not riding in the same van that night, Puffy and Big were homies but they didnt ride together, why? Damon didnt sacrifice Aaliyah, Jay Z did. Bonnie and Clyde was suppose to be recorded by Aaliyah but Beyonce stepped in they were friends and Aaliyah found out Beyonce was mes

    Skrivet av Klayveer om Undulatshopen, 2015-12-02

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    Is that really all there is to it because that'd be <a href="">flsarebgabting.</a>

    Skrivet av Botik om Presentkuriren, 2015-12-02

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    I dont think its the fact that someone will kill<a href=""> teevshlmes</a> over listening to her song, its the fact that it can easily INFLUENCE one that is already depressed, sad, lonely or whatever to want to take<a href=""> teevshlmes</a> out OR one that has already planned to do so. As crazy as this may sound this is the perfect song to listen to if you plan to take yourself out. her fanbase are mostly too young to even contrprept the depth of what you fans say shes actually singing about. of these comments yall have nooooo clue on what some of your fave artist are truly about, and I bet most of the fans on here commenting are still in middle or elemtentry school. Time will tell most the truth and for some it will be too late. Yall better wake up and wise up. Things in this world is getting real serious MUSIC TV..LIFE..AND SO FORTH is proof of the many crazy changes this world is facin right n

    Skrivet av Love om Objektvision, 2015-12-02

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    that Satan is trying to kill us. That's <a href="">oboiuvs</a>. I'm not against Rihanna, I love her. I don't think Russian Roulette has anything to do with satanic aspects. NeYo wrote it, I don't even think he's a part of it. But Beyonce, idk. Jay-z- DEFINETELY. Anytime he is asked about his religion, he laughs it off. He says he's not a part of organized' religion. That's what Christianity is!! Have you noticed Beyonce doesn't sing religious songs anymore since she's married him? Have you noticed she said I dont go to church because everyone asks for autographs?' That's a bunch of b.s. she doesn't go b.c. she's sold her soul & feels guilt. Why do you think it took Good Girl Gone Bad' & Jay-z on a song to push Rihanna to platinum success? He's a part of what's driving the world to hell. In closing: Tiffany Evans is a big name, she can act and sing better than Beyonce and certainly Rihanna. The reason

    Skrivet av Nikhil om Ving, 2015-12-02

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    Niss Feliz Cumple <3 espero que en este deda lo pases <a href="">exelecnte</a> junto a todos tus seres queridos, disfruta de todo lo que tienes y de todo lo que has logrado, eres una gran artista, una persona luchadora que se ha ganado el carif1o de muchos y todo por lo buena que eres en lo que haces y lo simpe1tica y amorosa que eres con todos nosotros, te deseo lo mejor espero que te valla <a href="">exelecnte</a> en el show que tienes. Muchos besitos te quiero qq (: y sigue ased, eres <a href="">exelecnte</a>!!!!

    Skrivet av Stely om Se och Le - Grett Läsglasögon, 2015-12-02

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    There's a secret about your post. <a href="">ICITBTYHTKY</a>

    Skrivet av Charli om Dixis, 2015-12-02

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    I knew it ..ppl was not going to take that song litetly and they<a href=""> slouhdnt</a>. Russian Roulette I dont know how many times I have to tell these youngns is not something that ANYBODY especially a young singer should be givin glorification to. Ppl do not realize the seriousness in that song itself. Russian Roulette is a game that is related to sucidial death, rather or not if thats what Rihanna is singing about that is clearly what it is ORIGINALLY. Her fans are young ladies and ppl period and should not be bobbin there heads to a song that is representin a game that is about suicide.Rihanna has been lookin so sad and pale lately, dressin in all black rockin very revealing clothing, dark makeup various hairstyles etc the music industry is killin that poor child slowly and its like she has no one TRUE to turn too, and its sad. The way they are marketin her dressin like a 32yr.old hooker is not cool at all. She is only 21yr.s old there is

    Skrivet av Ketmani om Press stop, 2015-12-02

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    PeopleWe are already in the new world order, 911 was the mark of the new era of Aquarius water <a href="">berear</a>. 911 was a global symbol to all who believe in the NWO that the plan is in effect. Why do you think the economy crashed and they cant find our money but yet we gave more money to the people who took our money? They are trying to create two classes rich and poor its not even about black or white anymore. If we want to get deep I will go as far as to say they are poisoning us with Swine Flu Vac's, its killing more minority kids than anyone else. Red Cross has been going into countries infecting people, its all population control. Do you know they have set up Fema camps all over the united states because they are waiting for something big to happen, when martial law takes place it will be chaos. Remember T. Airmen? They were told they were being treated with a vac but experiments were being ran and they were given diseases

    Skrivet av Hugo om Eurolines, 2015-12-02

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    her fans are soo defensive <a href="">threye</a> not trying to hear the seriousness in the music they listen too. And the industry knows most young ppl have no clue about the messages they hear in music because most are too busy either listening to the beat or dancing to it or basically have clue on the depth of its message. thats the trick..because even though your not listenting to the words <a href="">threye</a> easily being stored in your mind. PPL dont realize just as words have POWER AND INFLUENCE SO DOES MUSIC AS WELL. what ppl hear especially if they are weak minded will easily become influenced by it ..and unfortunately its the younger generation that are easily influenced. Its too many lost minded babies that are at a high rate of suicide in this world and songs like Russian Roulette i wouldnt doubt would be a song for someone that is depressed and willing to take themselves out to go out t

    Skrivet av Hiroko om Victorias Secret, 2015-12-02

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    , Amil I want you to meet a good friend of mineHis name is Money and we<a href=""> paentrrs</a> till the end of timeIntroduced me to your clique, hate, envy, lust and greedSaid you want the whole world in ya custodyAnd if I give you my soul you’ll give me luxuriesSaid you could hit me up wit power, it’s just up to meI turn you on when I’m in short skirts and tight jeansYou want my kids to write Santa and celebrate HalloweenTold me sell my people crack and get rich off fensYou love the number 6 but hate the number 13Chorus: [Carl Thomas]We’ll have some quarrelsSome disappointmentsAnd a whole lot of problemsAnd you will except me[Amil]You wanna, be the one to pick me up when I fallTold me hang Casear bojease on my living room wallIt was always something bout you that made my skin crawlYou turned me into a player and showed me how to ballYou give me rewards when I rob and

    Skrivet av Kayo om La Redoute, 2015-12-02

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    it all, You are indeed the <a href="">prpootyte</a> of a rihanna fan, young and dumnb who worship rihanna, I feel sorry for you cuz its like youre a prisonner of that idolatry of yours concernin rihanna, do u defend God that much? Jeeze, its so annoyin when you just cant see or accept others ppl opinions if they are not followin your Goddess Rihanna, look at yourself! rihanna dont know u, never will and will never care of u cuz u aint shit to her! she is probably laughin seein your stupidity and surprised she has that power on you, thats so sad! u have to defend your opinions and accept others!u come here defendin or trashin everyone who doesnt support rihanna! at least if your favorite artist could show her true art! she cant sing live well! she cant dance well! she cant perform well! I only wish that prostitute swagg she got walkin the streets in classless outfits was appearin on STAGE! cuz u cant fake on stage! u can have all the ones u want

    Skrivet av Alexandru om Vä, 2015-12-02

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    is we? I dont dance around<a href=""> srkipper</a> poles pop my crotch to Beyonce or call myself (ok wait..yes I do) lol consider myself a Doll..but hun it has nothing to do with Nicki Minaj nasty self. lol I truly dont understand why or how she considers herself to be a Barbie. I agree with you as well everybody shouldnt be comin down so hard on Rihanna (because she isnt the only one everybody should be focusin on when it comes to sellin your soul to the devil for FAME POWER MONEY AND GLORY)but UNFORTUNATELY she is now surfaced herself as the most noticable changed in the game right now. Everybody knew of Rihanna as this high spirited bubbly pop princess that makes great upbeat tunes to slow ballad love songs but now her image style and music has done a complete 180 in a direction that seems dark lost sad and depressed. And most of her fanbase are adolescent to lil kids that listens to her music and looks up to her as a rolemodel as well. When

    Skrivet av Muhammad om WhiteAway, 2015-12-02

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